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What we offer

We at EliteChairs take pride of our signature services.



Most of us have experienced sore back while watching a movie. Collaborating with distinguished chiropractors, we have created a seat with the best ergonomic features possible.



We ensure our products are manufactured by highest quality standards. Heavy duty steel construction and finest wood available are being incorporated in our chairs.



All our seats are completely modular. We combine dozens of different styles to suit your needs, and if you happen to have a very special, customized request regarding any aspect of the seat, we will make sure your demands are met.


Customer Service

If your chair needs to be replaced or repaired, our special design gives us freedom to remove any defective part without disassembling the whole unit.

Our company, SitForReal, broadens people’s horizons when it comes to respecting the core principle of seating correctly.

We’ve partnered up with numerous institutes to perform medical tests and constantly go further in the innovation department.


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What clients say about us...


Meghan Fox, Portland

Your company has been very helpful during the entire build and delivery process. Every single suggestion that came to our mind was accepted swiftly by your team of skilled craftsmen. It was an absolute joy to do business with you guys.


Gary Davis, Minnesota

The level of dedication and passion put into every little detail surpassed my wildest expectations by far. The amount of effort lavished on these chairs is just unbelievable. Your work is a synonym for quality. You made our dreams come true.


Robert Lafferty, Los Angeles

It was a pleasure working with your company. You put out an unparalleled level of quality. Period.