Theater Seats
This significance of theater seat design is often overlooked. If you want a properly enjoyable viewing experience, the comfort of your body is something that should not be taken easily. A good seat will enhance your impression of the event, a bad one will completely ruin it. We all want to feel comfortable, but without such amount of comfort that will put us to sleep. Simply put, ergonomics is everything. No matter what kind of public assembly object you have in your possession, choosing the right seat type is essential.  

Individual vs commercial clients

The purchasing experience of commercial customers is not that different than an individual one. There are a couple of exceptions, though. In most cases, people who do businesses don’t go after fancy looking, luxury models. Companies who own theaters and concert halls instead look for seats that are affordable and easily maintained. Only a few of them are ordering special options like massage, wood trims, and leather recliners. Commercial folks may be buying cheaper models than a regular individual would do, but the real difference is quantity. Big players buy big numbers. This is a list of things you should consider if you are a commercial customer in search of a proper theater seating option.


Just like ordinary people want their domestic theaters to be as comfortable as possible, so do the commercial clients. If your seats are comfortable enough, customers of any age will continue coming back for more. Headrests and specially customized seat backs are all means of guest attraction. This could be particularly important when it comes to those epics that last for hours. Somewhat strange, but a welcome addition to some, is a rocking seat. It allows you to shift during a movie or a theater show. If, of course, you find those manners appropriate.


If you are a client of commercial needs, you must take maintenance and cleaning companies into consideration. Seats that are meant for public use will surely take more beating than a regular chair would do. Concert, Classic, and Lenox are some of the most common theater seat types designed specifically for commercial application.
Stadium Seating
No matter the sport we are talking about, arena and stadium seats are an essential part of the experience if you are looking from a spectator’s point of view. Everybody wants to feel comfortable and enjoy the game without constantly thinking about back pain. There are many types of seating products for stadiums out there and each and every one of them is developed with a different sort of venue in mind. First things first, you have to project quantities of people your arena will accommodate. Whether it will be an indoor or an outdoor event is also an important question. What are the alternative options you want to have on your seats? Is versatility something you have been looking for?

Choose your venue

Your objects’ location and weather factors must all be taken into account when choosing styles and types of seating. Seats for arena application are a permanent fixture that has a folding option to allow spectators to go through rows. If you are looking for an indoor solution, seats with integrated cushions are often a desirable option.

Maximize space

If your intention is to expand the space of your venue as much as you can, you should definitely consider purchasing bleacher seats. It is a fantastic option if you want to maximize space, and is also pretty versatile. They are made portable and permanent, depending on how many people you want to accommodate. If you are constantly changing the configuration of your seats due to events of different nature, these kinds of seats could be a great addition to your operations.

Types and styles

These are the most common stadium seat types available on the market today.

Backless shell seat

These are seats that occupy small space and are made without backrest. Their surface is shiny and they are entirely sealed in order to prevent dirt accumulation. The maintenance is dead-easy and drainage option is also included.

Backrest seat

These are practically identical to the abovementioned model, with real difference lying only in the backrest. They follow recommendations by the UEFA, and are specifically designed to withstand fire and severe cases of vandalism.
Seats For Disabled
Assembled from a team of designers, technical engineers and medical workers, DisabSeatPro is a company that designs and develops seats specially customized for disabled people’s needs and improvement of overall life quality of those who require constant medical attention. This is a list of their most popular products.


As the name suggests, this chair can rise from the ashes and modify the initial form it has. Its adjustment abilities in various environments and circumstances are outstanding. Orchestrating the process of pressure and postural management in adult rehabilitation is the primary purpose of this product. Situations where Phoenix particularly shines are scoliosis, contraction of the muscles and kyphosis.


This seat is specifically designed for people who need comfort and postural support. It effectively neutralizes the negative effects of conditions like lordosis, spasticity, joint contractions and stroke.


Independence and mobility are the strongest points of this product. Particularly suitable application is helping people who tend to slide from their chairs and cannot move on their own.

Monaco Riser

Sharing the design of the previous model, the Riser was built to provide help for patients who need assistance in the process of transferring themselves from their seats. It is perfect for people who require controls of the motorized type.


Safety, comfort and security are the things this seat provides. It is intended for patients with conditions like contracted legs, involuntary movements and those who are in constant danger of falling from their chairs.

Bariatric Sorrento

The Sorento was made to help patients ease their suffering caused by conditions of bariatric nature. Its main goal is to reduce disabled patients’ injuries while they are being repositioned. The seat is applicable for conditions like cellulitis, pressure ulcers and lymphedema.

Kidz Phoenix

This model is in charge of distributing accumulated body pressure and offers customizable lateral support. The strongest feature is accommodation of children’s needs while they play. It offers head support which can come in useful in the cases of hyperextension.

Kidz Sorrento

The tilting functions of this model help the chair keep its composition while the person is tilted back. It can reduce all sorts of pressure on the body with proper weight distribution.